Past but not forgotten.
Our previous collections.
“Užupio keturiolika” is a brand based in Vilnius. Conceived as a concept store, “Užupio keturiolika” evolved into a brand due to our desire to not only supply, but also create clothes that aligned with our personal style.

Our aim was to create one unique garment per season, which would serve as the foundation of a woman’s wardrobe, while remaining faithful to our core values; every garment has been made from natural, high quality fabrics and informed by appreciation of tradition and excellence of craftsmanship.

Following the launch of our capsule wardrobe collection, demand has grown and we now produce small Women’s casual clothing collections. Although our designs are created within the context of a wider collection and pair well with other pieces created by us, our pieces hold their own independently, and can be seamlessly incorporated into an existing wardrobe.

In every design, we are looking to unite function and form to create aesthetic harmony in an authentic and sustainable way; as a result we hope each garment created by us helps to accentuate, rather than hide, the individuality of the wearer.

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