The inspirations for Collection No. 004 are the finest natural Japanese fabrics. This time, Užupio keturiolika found serenity in fiber: kashmir, silk, royal baby alpaca wool, angora wool, and linen. Take a look, hope to touch.
Our previous collections are Collection No. 001, No. 002, and No. 003. The keywords for all of them are French fabrics, linen, cotton and dusty pastel colors. Past but not forgotten.
Užupio keturiolika is a designer based in Vilnius yet inspired by Japanese fabrics. Užupio keturiolika concentrates on quality, comfort, and softness while spending most of the time personally searching for the perfect sewing and silhouette of every cloth. Užupio keturiolika believes that if you walk not nude you walk with clothes that make you feel even better than nude. Užupio keturiolika contains four collections: Collection No. 001 2012, Collection No. 002 2013, Collection No. 003 2014, Collection No. 004 2015.
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